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Q Pilates is a group of physiotherapist-run clinics, combining our extensive knowledge of injury management and the Pilates exercise method helps us to rehabilitate through exercise multiple different sorts of injuries.

We recommend that you gain clearance from your treating physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor or coach before commencing an exercise program with us and you must only choose the physiotherapy-run exercise classes for individualised, prescribed exercises. Not all exercises will be beneficial for all types of injuries and conditions, and in fact, if applied poorly by untrained instructors, exercise has the potential to aggravate an injury.

The focus of physiotherapy-run exercise classes is on maintaining perfect posture while strengthening the deep and superficial muscle systems. The inefficiency or poor use of these muscles in coordination tends to lead to injury and pain, hence, teaching you how the muscles work to support the joints is the key to rehabilitating any injury or pain, no matter how chronic.