Pregnant Woman sitting on exercise ball with hand weights

Q Pilates offers expert pregnancy pilates under the supervision of our physiotherapists. Pre-natal, physiotherapist designed and supervised programs are individualised to your needs following a thorough 1-hour initial assessment to help you achieve your best results in a safe and specialised way during your pregnancy journey.

Exercise safely AND achieve the best results with an individual program that is adapted by your physio as you progress

Women will experience many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and no two pregnancies are the same. Q Pilates physiotherapists will help identify your changing needs and guide you through an appropriate selection of exercises to help achieve your goals and enjoy a happy, pain-free and healthy pregnancy.

The aim of the classes is for you to achieve a happy, healthy and pain free pregnancy and return safely and strongly to exercise post-baby.

Please see details regarding physiotherapist-run exercise classes for more information.

Pregnancy Pilates - Q Pilates