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DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a sign that you have worked your muscles to the point where they have been forced to form slight breaks to allow new muscle fibres to form for increased strength (aka hypertrophy). This is known as the overload principle and is an important part of improving a muscle’s ability to cope with the load demand. Most people enjoy this feeling of having worked hard to the point of being sore, however, it is not necessary if you would prefer not to be sore after class. You will still see the benefits of Pilates even if you don’t feel muscle pain the next day.

Generally DOMS will peak on the second day and unfortunately not much helps to alleviate the soreness apart from further exercising to pump out excess lactic acid. Research has found that stretching can help momentarily but doesn’t shorten the duration of the DOMS pain. We find that heat, stretching and further gentle exercise is the best thing to cure DOMS.