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Physiotherapist-run sessions and Body Tone Pilates can be exponentially scaled up or down depending on your current exercise capabilities. From extremely light to extremely difficult, we use hundreds of different exercises to create our individualised programs.

Our physiotherapist-run exercise classes are ideal for people who have injuries or are after an exercise program that is specifically tailored to their exercise needs, be it high level or low-level exercises. It is important to be open with your Physiotherapist if you are finding the program too difficult or not challenging enough, and we can change the program so that you feel you are working at an appropriate level.

We recommend doing an initial assessment if you are injured, or if you would like to make sure you are working at the right level for you. We also encourage anyone with pain to choose the physiotherapist-run exercise sessions to ensure that you work more closely with a physiotherapist, who will understand the level of exercise that will be appropriate for you.

Our Body Tony Fitness Classes are our most difficult and challenging reformer classes available and these classes are undertaken in a group setting where all participants are performing the same exercises. Therefore these classes are suitable for people who want to work hard and challenge themselves as far as possible.