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Physiotherapy guided sessions are one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy, as it is low impact and focuses on deep stability and postural muscles to help accommodate for the changes to the body during pregnancy. Unless your obstetrician has recommended that you do not exercise, it is important to keep fit and strong to not only maintain a healthy body to nourish a healthy baby, but also to counter the effects of pregnancy on the body, maintain strength for labour and to enable quicker recovery of the pelvic floor, core, abdominal and global muscles post-natally as well. Our Pilates Physiotherapists have training in Women’s health physiotherapy and are well-qualified to understand the changes to the body during pregnancy and the influence these changes have on exercise capacity.

The physiotherapist-run exercise sessions are the only classes suitable for pregnant or newly post-natal mothers, as these allow us to make the necessary changes to the exercises as the pregnancy progresses and tailor the program to your individual needs.

It is also recommended to return to physiotherapist-led exercise as soon as possible after giving birth. Once cleared for exercise from your obstetrician, women can start very gently from around 4-6 weeks post-partum. Even earlier than that, it is important for women to start working their pelvic floor muscles and some very gentle Pilates moves. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapy sessions are ideal for learning what to do in the first 2-4 weeks post-partum, before commencing classes again.

See our physiotherapist-run exercise sessions and pregnancy blog post for more information.