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If you are interested in our physiotherapist-run exercise sessions it is imperative that you undergo an hour assessment with one of our physiotherapists. During this session, the physiotherapist will assess your functional movement patterns, deep stability muscle activation using diagnostic ultrasound, specialized physiotherapy tests, and assess muscle lengths and strengths to best determine your level of fitness and to help the physiotherapist formulate an individualised program targeting your individual needs. This is a chance for you to discuss any areas of pain or dysfunction with the physiotherapist so we are fully aware of anything that may be affected by physical activity.

Even if you have no current or previous injuries, but you are after a tailor-made program, these assessments are important to enable the program to target any muscle imbalances or strength/flexibility deficits in your body to help you achieve your desired goals.

If you have no previous or current injuries, and you are not currently pregnant or have recently undergone surgery and you have previous Pilates experience on the reformers, you can come in and join our Body Tone Fitness Pilates classes without undergoing a physiotherapy assessment. However, if you are interested in these classes and you have currently or in the past had an injury of any sort, then it is compulsory to undergo an assessment first before joining the classes. This is so that the physiotherapist can teach you proper techniques so that you achieve the best outcomes and avoid the potential for injury due to incorrect postures and techniques.