Specialising in hip and knee rehab

What is Group Rehabilitation

Group Rehabilitation are small physiotherapy-led group classes incorporating rehabilitative exercise therapy with the traditional Pilates method. Rehab classes teach correct activation and control of muscles that stabilise the hip and knee, as well as building lower limb strength, pelvic/lumbar stability and core strength.

Specific conditioning for pre/post surgical, osteoarthritis and chronic pain

Clients learn modifications for exercise and everyday functional activities (eg. getting in and out of bed or the car) to ensure optimal function and minimal discomfort. Programs for rehab classes incorporate a combination of exercises using bodyweight, hand weights, resistance bands and balls as well as equipment such as the Pilates reformer.

Who would benefit

  • Clients preparing for menisectomy, reconstructive or joint replacement surgery
  • Clients rehabilitating from surgery or injury and need to build strength
  • Clients managing conditions like Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Clients wanting quality of life without chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue

What is the class format

Classes are run by our experienced physiotherapists for up to 10 clients, with all clients following a structured and progressive program of exercises. Prior to joining their first group rehab classes, clients undertake a musculoskeletal assessment with the physiotherapist.

Can I claim using Private Health

Yes. Rebates are available for the group classes.

What are the benefits

  • safe and accessible exercise class for all levels of mobility
  • addresses multifactorial areas of balance, strength, co-ordination and flexibility
  • allows clients to set their own pace and intensity levels
  • learn modifications for exercise and everyday functional activities
  • positive and fun group dynamic

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