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Q Pilates Cairns Pilates Instructor

Q Pilates Cairns Studio

Q Pilates Cairns is the newest addition to our boutique group of Pilates studios. Collaboratively run by PhyxMe Physiotherapy, our luxe studio delivers the local Cairns community with the latest rehabilitation and exercise methods from experienced and qualified Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors.

Whether you’re looking for a group rehabilitation setting, or a new fitness class – be sure to visit our newly renovated studio for an unrivalled workout experience.

Click here to book Body Tone & Body Tone Orientation classes online.

For all Group Rehabilitation Classes, please call reception on 07 4053 4343 to book.

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Specialising in rehabilitative exercise and Body Tone Pilates

Q Pilates Cairns is part of a group of boutique Pilates studios run by Physiothrapists passionate about using exercise to rehabilitate injuries and re-establish optimum functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Classes at Q Pilates Cairns are designed to help prevent or recover from injury, manage pain or chronic conditions, improve athletic conditioning for sport, and maintain general health and wellbeing.

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit”

– Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates Method

​​​​​​​Group Rehabilitation Classes

Group Rehabilitation classes are run by our Allied Health Instructor and combine rehabilitative exercise therapy and the traditional Pilates method. Following a Physiotherapy assessment, clients participate in small group classes and follow a program of mat, reformer and small equipment exercises to build strength, balance and function.

These classes are booked through our reception team. Call or email to book an initial assessment or group class.

Instructor-run classes

Body Tone Reformer and Body Tone Orientation are programmed on a daily basis by experienced instructors and provide a more classical Pilates style class to provide safe, effective, fun and challenging exercises to improve general health and wellbeing.

These classes are booked online through Nookal.

The Q Pilates Cairns studio is co-located with PhyxMe Physiotherapy and is equipped with reformers, half Cadillac, Wunda chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, balls, bands, Pilates circles and weights.

Class Prices

Clinical Physiotherapy

Price $48.00 (opening special)

Taken by Physiotherapist

Health Fund Rebates Yes (code 560)

Prerequisites One hour initial assessment ($108) and 1:1 private sessions ($83) eligible for rebates

Group Rehabilitation

Price $24.50

Taken by Physiotherapist

Health Fund Rebates Yes (code 561)

Prerequisites Nil

Body Tone Reformer Pilates

Price $24.50 or $195 for 10

Taken by Pilates Instrutor

Health Fund Rebates No

Prerequisites Free 30 minute orientation class

Class Timetable

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a class?

Body Tone class is up to 5

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What is a reformer?

A reformer is a “Pilates machine” used for traditional Pilates as well as rehabilitation. Body Tone reformer classes are limited to 5 clients and are suitable for clients with a good base level of fitness and mobility who are looking for a challenge. The reformer machine comprises of a horizontal sliding carriage, suspended on a smooth gliding track within a solid rectangular frame. The sliding carriage has a range of different strength springs beneath, and these provide the resistance aspect of the exercise. There are cables and pulleys that control the movement of the sliding carriage.

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How much does it cost to attend a class?

A casual Body Tone reformer class is $24.50 (discounted multi class passes available).

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Can I claim for classes using my private health?

This depends on your insurer and the level of coverage your have. Body Tone and Mat Pilates classes taken by an instructor are not eligible for rebates. Clinical Physiotherapy and Group Rehab classes taken by a physiotherapist are eligible for on-the-spot rebates. Our reception team will be able to use your private health card to provide you with a quote of what your rebate will be.

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Is it okay for me to attend class if I have an injury or have recently had surgery?

Our physiotherapist-run exercises classes are ideal for clients rehabilitating from injury and surgery. We recommend that you first gain clearance from your treating physician, GP, physiotherapist, or other allied health practitioner before commencing an exercise program with us.

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I am pregnant. What classes are suitable for me?

Physiotherapy guided sessions are one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy as it is low impact and focuses on deep stability and postural muscles to help accommodate for the changes to the body during pregnancy. Our Pilates Physiotherapists have training in Women’s health physiotherapy and are qualified to understand the changes to the body during pregnancy and the influence these changes have on exercise capacity. The clinical physiotherapist-run exercise sessions are the only classes suitable for pregnant or newly post-natal mothers as these allow the therapist to make the necessary changes to the exercises as the pregnancy progresses and tailor the program to your individual needs.

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How do I book a class?

For Body Tone Reformer classes we use Nookal for all bookings. There will be a form at the studio for you to complete the first time you attend class.

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Can I book over the phone or with reception?

Our reception team will be able to assist with bookings for Clinical Physiotherapy and Group Rehab classes.

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What is your policy if I need to cancel my booking?

Body Tone Reformer Pilates | If for some reason you are unable to attend class, please cancel your booking using the link provided in your booking confirmation email. You may also call or email our reception team. Clients who do not arrive for their booking will forfeit that class.

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Can I share a pass with my spouse or family member?

Yes, you may elect to share your pass with a family member or spouse. They will need to have completed the Body Tone Orientation Class prior to commencing classes. Please contact our reception team via phone or email to set up pass sharing.

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Do I need to arrive early?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in, store your personal belongings and set up your equipment. If it is your first time attending this class, please arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to complete paperwork and meet your therapist / instructor.

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What do I need to wear/bring with me to class?

All of the equipment you will need during class is provided.

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Do I need any experience to attend classes?

If you would like to attend Body Tone classes you will need to attend a free 30-minute Body Tone Orientation class before starting. For any other class, our experienced physiotherapists and instructors will be able to guide you throughout the exercises, making modifications depending on your requirements.

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Do you open on public holidays?

Our studio is closed on public holidays.

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