Woman from Q Pilates exercising on mat with gym ball

Matwork PilatesThe Do’s & Don’ts

Many women don’t cope well with strenuous exercise routines in abdominal/ core, combat and attack classes at the gym, even the LOW impact “options” within some of the Les Mills classes are really not considered “safe” for the pelvic floor in a lot of cases. Bladder weakness can be aggravated or caused through inappropriate exercise and it is very important to understand the effect of different sorts of exercise on the pelvic floor, to enable women to choose the correct exercise regime for them.

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Lady sitting at office desk

Lady sitting at office deskWhat’s the Harm?

Pain and injuries as a result of work is a drastically increasing problem and the number of people working in jobs that require them to sit for long periods of time is also increasing. Prolonged sitting has been in the news recently with more and more evidence coming to light that it is a risk factor for some serious health conditions. It is also widely accepted that prolonged sitting is associated with musculoskeletal pain and disorders. Therefore, we need strategies to help minimise the risk of injuries and pain, while still being able to work effectively.

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Q Pilates - Body Tone reformer exercise classes

Why is it so important?

Yes, breathing is an important bodily function for the most obvious of reasons- to keep us alive by supplying our body’s cells with oxygen. But did you know that the muscle responsible for breathing, the diaphragm, also plays a vital role in core stability, stress control, sporting performance and management of disorders such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and reflux (to name a few)? We find all too common that people are breathing inefficiently and not utilizing this wonderful muscle to the best of their ability. Diaphragm breath control forms an important facet of Pilates exercise, read on to find out why it is so important.

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